Session Topic Overviews

The YSA Leadership Conference is a 2-day conference with intensive workshops, key-note speakers and activities designed to improve your understanding of leadership principles.

Each day includes:

  • A key-note speaker
  • Four (4) leadership workshops
  • Closing activity: On Day 1, this will include an interactive service activity and on Day 2 there will be a Q&A panel/discussion.

During your registration, you will be asked to select the workshops that you wish to attend. The following is a summary of the workshop topics.


DAY 1: Topics for Session 1 and 2 (Morning Session)

You will need to select two (2) of the following topics for Day 1 - Morning Session:

Charting Your Course: A Plan for Life with David Lakisa

God wants you to have an abundant, rewarding, fulfilling and joyous life full of needed and valuable experiences. How do you plan when there is so much uncertainty and change? How do you align reality with expectations? How do you even know what you want to do in life? This session will help you develop a “life plan” based on the gifts God has given to you, discover your mission and understand your vision and values, so you can take control of your life and chart a course ahead.

Successful Self-Management with Asa Smibert

Self-management is the process of maximising your time and talents to achieve worthwhile goals based on a sound value system. This session will teach you proven principles designed to enhance self-discipline, eliminate productivity killers, prioritise the important over the interesting, and keep life under control and happily balanced.

Resilience in a Changing World with Lucy Salanoa

There are times in life when we wake up and realise we no longer recognise the world around us, or we see it but feel we just can’t handle it, don’t want to handle it or are so overwhelmed by it we break into a cold sweat! Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats and stress. This session explores resilience, what it is, why it is important, how we can develop it and why we need to.


DAY 1: Topics for Session 3 and 4 (Afternoon Session)

You will need to select two (2) of the following topics for Day 1 - afternoon session:

Let's Talk Money with Aaron Rigby

Financial self-sufficiency is a desirable, liberating condition, long taught by the prophets and practised by the church. Obtaining wealth is not a secret formula; it is simply a system of principles and rules practised consistently and applied constantly. This session will teach key principles of financial fitness and assist you to construct a set of rules for your own financial self-sufficiency and success.

How To Have Hard Conversations and Survive with Rhys Burridge

Do you avoid confrontation, conflict and contention, or just don't know how to deal with that really difficult person? Good leaders know how to have “hard conversations” and feel good about it! If you struggle when it comes to having “hard talks” this session is for you. 

Your Leadership Style and Why It Matters with Steve Travis

What is leadership and why does it matter? Jesus Christ is the perfect exemplar of the qualities, characteristics, behaviours, attributes and abilities of a leader. Indeed, He is the greatest leader that ever lived. He was also the world’s greatest and most perfect follower. This session will examine the what, when, how and why we can emulate Jesus Christ and His style of leadership as we strive to become great leaders and mighty followers.

Understanding Her, Understanding Him with Kim Oosthuysen

God’s designs are deliberate and perfect! He created male and female bodies for matching spirits. God intended the differences. Beyond the obvious physical distinctions, God has endowed men and women with inherent characteristics to complement and complete each other. As we work together in the church and elsewhere, understanding what’s the same and what’s different will help you be a better leader, build stronger relationships and get things done at home, at church or at work.


DAY 2: Topics for Session 1 and 2 (Morning Session)

You will need to select two (2) of the following topics for Day 2 - morning session:

Building Relationships that Last: The Art of Communication with Mark Tang

Effective leaders are great communicators. Effective communication requires active listening, careful selection of language, verbal and non-verbal empathy, respect and appreciation for your audience. Identifying your own communication style and developing habits that lead to effective communication will have lasting impact on your own life, as well as those around you. 

Making Great Decisions and Solving Hard Problems with Laura Hannant

Great leaders make great decisions and know how to solve problems, both big and small. Good decision making and problem-solving are skills that can be learned, practised, refined and perfected to deliver the best possible outcomes. This session will help you understand how great decisions are made and give you the tools to solve any problem.

Spiritual Leadership in the World with Daniel Shine

As a latter-day leader, you will want to take advantage of everything good the world has to offer but how do you do that without becoming tainted by the things of the world. Can you be “all in” and “all out” at the same time? This class will show you that it is not only possible, but is actually critical to your success, and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


DAY 2: Topics for Session 3 and 4 (Afternoon Session)

You will need to select two (2) of the following topics for Day 2 - afternoon session:

Attitude: A Priceless Possession with Syd Daniels

Staying positive can be challenging in today’s crazy, busy world, with all of life's demands and expectations. It’s all about attitude! This session will help you assess where you are and provide practical strategies, techniques and tips that can help you rise above the present and make a difference every single day. 

Listening Ears and Hearing Hearts with Mark McNamee

A wise leader understands the power and importance of counselling and collaboration. Learning how to counsel together is an essential leadership skill that can serve you well in all aspects of your life – in your families, in your relationships, at work, at school, in fact, anywhere you are working with others. As you learn to listen and communicate, you will be able to harness the powers of heaven and become truly effective leaders. 

When Things Don’t Go To Plan with Fiona Waka

At some point in life we will all experience the intense pain of failure, the anxiety of risk, the thrill of success and the joy of reward. As Lehi states there “needs be opposition in all things”. Failure is opposite to but essential for success. How should we deal with failure? What does faith have to do with failure, risk, reward and success?

What’s Your Type? On Understanding the Real You with Kristie Gibson

Good leaders know themselves. Great leaders know themselves and understand others. Learn about your own personality type, tendencies, gifts and talents unique to you, your strengths and weaknesses, your “hot buttons” and control mechanisms. Understand what motivates you, how you think, what limits you, what shapes your behaviour and then learn how to identify the same in others, so that you can live and lead in a more fulfilling way.